Providing Generational Planning for Families and Privately Held Businesses

Our business, tax and probate lawyers are experienced in business law, corporate income tax, estate and elder planning, probate and elder law in Birmingham, Alabama. We have experienced business lawyers, tax lawyers, probate lawyers, estate planning and elder lawyers to plan and solve your business and family issues.

Browse through our site or meet our lawyers and find out how we can create pathways to develop and protect your business, key employees, family members and their assets. We provide:

  • Estate planning, including wills and trusts, for parents with young children through couples and surviving spouses planning for their elder years and those who will succeed them.
  • Elder law planning for couples and individuals who either need to focus on eventual Medicaid eligibility to those who need protection of their assets from family members or “new friends.”
  • Create trusts for individuals and couples seeking to avoid probate, save assets and/or protect special needs children.
  • Probate and settle estates so that assets are transferred as easily as possible with a minimum of disagreement.
  • Create new businesses using the most advantageous business form.
  • Create contracts and agreements for employees, transactions between businesses, mergers and acquisitions, all with the most advantageous tax results.

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